Friday, November 4, 2011

Boo At The Zoo

This year we celebrated Halloween by attending Akron's Boo at the Zoo. We were characters from How to Train Your Dragon. Joy and I were the two main characters and the boys were dragons. Joy's mom who was with us was a scarecrow.

Joy's mom made the boys their costumes from patterns we picked out. She did a great job! They looked awesome and very cute! Joy made her and I's costume. We both made Viking helmets out of paper mâché. She ended up not wearing hers, so I did because it looked better than mine. It took the boys a minute to get used to their grandma in her costume. At one point, Jacob hid in the hallway only peeking out to look at her. They eventually warmed up before we got to the zoo.

We set the boys loose at the zoo with Joy and I directly behind one. At first I was with Jacob and he did a great job at holding hands. Jasper wanted none of the hand holdings. Soon after I carried Jasper a lot so we could keep up with others.

I did let Jasper wonder off enough till he found a blow up jack-o-lantern. He had so much fun pushing it and having it bounce back. Eventually Jacob joined in the fun.

We then walked up to the petting zoo. The boys loved the goats! They got up all close and personal with one on the other side of the gate. We had a good hand washing session afterwards.

Our final stop at the zoo was one last walk through the jellies exhibit.

We got tons of pictures while we were there. Mostly on Joy's mom's camera. I haven't seen them yet but the ones we took are so cute!

I took off three days from work to celebrate Halloween and Joy's birthday. During my time off, we enjoyed much time outside. The boys loved playing in the leaves for first time. We set them from free and they didn't wander off too far. They had a blast!

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