Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dudes' night or at least dude's hour

One day this week, Joy took her mom home and I stayed at home with the boys. We started our dudes' night by blasting a Beatles album on the record player. We had a little dance party. Jasper started clapping his hands but when he saw me looking at him, he stopped. Almost like "I wasn't doing anything." So cute!

I chased the boys around the house playing "get'chew." That game ended in the hallway when Jacob found the basketball. We played catch and I dribbled the ball back to them. Jacob was really good at throwing the ball back to me. I got a feeling he might be a sport dude. He threw the ball almost like how you're supposed to throw a basketball.

Jasper was laughing so hard. He came over to me so I asked for a high five. I then tried to give him a "secret handshake." I helped him make a fist and then knocked the top, then the bottom and finally our knuckles. He thought it was funny. Now, when I ask for a "secret handshake" he makes a fist.

One day while I was at work, Joy and her mom took the boys outside. At one point, Jacob took off to our neighbor's yard. Our neighbor was mowing with his riding mowing. He took Jacob and let him steer the mower. Jacob had such a blast. Jasper got a chance too but Joy said he was a little more afraid.

The picture above is from when the boys and I went giant eagle for milk.

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