Saturday, November 19, 2011

At the beaver marsh

Today Joy suggested we hit the cuyahoga valley national park to let the boys walk around outside. She texted my mom so her and my dad could meet at the beaver marsh.

We arrived first so we walked with the boys up to the marsh. Jacob did a great job at holding hands with mommy during the walk. I held Jasper's hood because he's not into holding hands.

The boys loved looking at the marsh and the ducks but mostly loved walking. We hung out there for a while then walked back to meet my parents.

The boys acted shy around my parents but warmed up to them later. When we walked back to the marsh, I held Jacob's hand. When I looked back Jasper and my dad were holding hands. He held hands the rest of the way to the marsh. We were amazed.

We hung out the marsh for awhile. The boys had fun with my dad who was goofing around with them. It was really nice being outside. I hope we get a few more chances before winter sets in.

Tonight, we had a good chill out night. After they got up from their nap, we put on Monsters Inc for them and then after dinner Joy and I played with them on the rug. Jasper laid on my stomach and we did plenty of secret handshakes, fives, and patty cakes. Jacob was a little more into doing his own thing in the dining room but he would stop in from time to time for a secret handshake.

Yesterday, Joy's mom watched the boys while we went on a date to see Breaking Dawn. The boys got to stay up past their bed time and watched muppets christmas movies.

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