Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Choo and slide

Choo choo is in full effect!!! Yesterday, the boys found out Joy can draw trains. Joy said they kept bringing her blank pages so she would draw a choo choo.

Last night, I got them to finally settle down and go to sleep by playing videos of trains on my phone off YouTube. Jacob woke up around 5 this morning very unhappy. When he finally settle down and got some fishes, he handed me my phone and said "choo." So cute and funny!

After gymnastics on Sunday. We bought the boys a 4ft slide and put it in our living room. Are we not the coolest parents?? Joy put it together while I tried to put the boys to sleep on a walk/library stroller ride.

Boys ended up getting cake at the library because the library was celebrating their anniversary.

The boys we're thrilled with the slide. They slid themselves down and cars. Jasper loves sitting on the top especially when watching tv. He just chills up there. There is also a tent under the slide that they love.

Sunday, I took the boys to the mall to get indians tickets. I blasted music on the way. At first Jasper said "no." Then I asked them both if they hear the drum and I started pretending I was hitting drums (while at a stop light). They then started mimicking. I later saw Jasper nodding, like headbanging while Jacob drummed.

Monday, we had a dance party. All of us were dancing to the Beatles. We all had fun, dancing and chasing. Joy chased the boys a lot saying "rawr!!". They laughed so hard!!!

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