Friday, August 24, 2012

Trains trains trains

Trains are all the rage for our boys!!! Yesterday, Joy's mom got the boys a wooden train set. They love it. The boys love taking the tracks apart. Sometimes they manage to put it back together a little bit. Jacob came outside with me to take dog out and he brought all the trains with him. So cute.

We've been watching train videos off YouTube. The other night, I found a video with the conductor blowing the horn. Jasper started mimicking him and putting his hand in air and saying "choo choo."

I put a different video on, Jasper said "no!" and took the phone. He then managed to scroll down in YouTube and select the video with the conductor again. He then played more with the phone and even managed to almost post a picture of his special blanket on pintrest.

The Polar Express movie has been playing on loop in our house. One of the first things Jacob does is points to the tv and says "choo choo.". We are getting some other train movies from the library, so we hope to switch it up.

It's really fun to listen to the boys go on and on about trains.

Last weekend, we went to my parents'' house for my sister's birthday. We played on my parents jungle gym just about the whole time. I managed to swing next to Jacob and push him at the same time. He got such a kick out of it. Later on Jasper came by and I was able to push them both and swing at the same time. Very fun!!! Bet it looked funny!!

Joy ordered the boys their thing 1 and thing 2 Halloween costumes!!!! Can't wait for boo at the zoo this year!!

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