Sunday, September 2, 2012

Train, moon, and video games

Been a little busy so haven't gotten to update in time. Last weekend, we went to indigo lake to see the train. We waited at train station. They both waited so patiently for the train. They were thrilled when the train came and stopped for a bit.

After the train left, Jasper went back to sit down to wait for another. We ended up leaving, so Jasper was unhappy about it. After he calmed down, we went to another park to see the train ride by again.

As the train went by. We gave the conductor the signal to bow the horn. He waved and blew it. The boys both jumped back. It was a little loud.

I've been taking the boys out at night to take ace out with me. We have been looking at the moon. They love seeing it and waving. When it's time to come in they both say "bye you moon." So cute.

I've also introduced video games to the boys. At night, we have been playing games in my phone. They both love playing temple run and pin ball. Jasper first started playing. He knows the buttons really well where if the man dies, he can restart the game. A couple days later, Jacob learned the same and started jump in the game. When I play they both say "oh no" when the man dies.

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