Thursday, September 27, 2012

Childrens museum etc

Sick household! My littles dudes and wife are sick. Jacob has a hard time sleeping with a stuffed nose. I have been up with them the last few nights. Poor Jacob has been so cuddly and upset. Jasper doesn't seem to have it as bad yet. He's been tired and didn't eat last night though. He went to bed on his own after I put Jacob to bed after he fell asleep on my shoulder.
Had an action packed week though. Last Thursday, Joy took our car in to get serviced for the coolant light being on. $1900 didn't seem worth it to get the car fixed. I spend much of Friday and the weekend buying a new car and selling the old one. We got a Kia Soul. I love it!! It's more of a family vehicle. So much more room!! Jasper loves that when you lock the doors it beeps. He points and says "beep beep."
Sunday, my parents took us all to the Children's Museum in Cleveland. The boys loved it. They have a water area, a climbing area, metro bus, houses, grocery store etc that is all kid friendly for them to play with. Jasper climbed so high!!! They had a train station, they both handed out tickets. They loved playing in the barn.
Monday, Joy had an interview at Toys r us. I took the boys to the park. We played there for an hour. We had the whole park to ourselves! I swung them. Went down slides.
After Joy got back, we went to Lodi to ride on the train. We rode twice. The engineer let them sit up front for a picture. We then all played on the playground. We all raced down the slides and chased each other. So much fun!!
That night, Jacob got sick. He got really stuffy in bed. Tuesday we had a movie day. Jasper was in full goofball mode. He was making Jacob crack up while he was feeling icky on the couch.
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