Sunday, December 16, 2012


This week we took the boys to see Santa for the first time. We prepared them by teaching them to say "ho ho Ho". We went during the week, so there was no one there. The boys walked right up to Santa, pulled candy canes off the trees and tried to feed them to Santa. They sat really good on his lap and we got a picture. Afterwards, they gave Santa high fives.

The boys have been choo choo bye bye deprived this week. So today we took them to the Lodi train station to ride on the train. They had a Christmas express train. We went one it and the boys got to meet Santa again after the train ride.

They were good during the train ride and for the beginning part of Santa's story. Then they got wild. They ran around a lot. They finally got up to meet Santa again. They sat on his lap with Mrs. Claus. We got a few pictures but only on the phone.

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