Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas was a blast! We didn't even feel the need to take our tree down that night. The boys got tons of presents! This year they had a blast opening presents.
The day before Christmas eve and Christmas eve, we went to my parents house. The boys got to play with their new cousin, Luke. He is a year and half and such a cutie! The boys loved playing with him, they played with the trains. Later on, their older cousin Aidan joined them for a game of catch me. It was wild and fun to watch!!!
My parents got the boys remote control trains, car and train mats. My sister's family got them spiderman DVDs, which we had to hide because we would have had to put it on. My brother's family got them a stuffed dog and vet, as well as a vtech counting board. The boys made out!!
Christmas morning started off with Jacob walking to the tree and presents, pointing, saying "ho" and walking to the couch. I took a shower and in that time he found his new tricycle and was ready to open presents. The next task was to wake up Jasper.
After Jasper got up, they opened presents. They had so much fun this year. Jasper loved his tricycle too! Joy got them a ton of Spiderman stuff, which they loved.
We took the boys downstairs with the tricycles and Jasper walked over to the old tricycles for us to move out of the way of the new cycles.
In the afternoon, we went to Joy's mom's house. The boys got a train set and leap pads, as well as stuffed minions. Jacob had some great independent play with the trains and Jasper played with Joy's brother.
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