Saturday, December 8, 2012

Choo choo bye bye

Last weekend, it was warm enough to be outside. It was awesome! One the way to the park, we heard a train. So went near the tracks, however it never came. We walked to the library and the playground there. We played there until we heard another train, then I put them into their wagon and ran. We got there and no train!!!

We waited again for awhile for a train to come but never did. Every time a car drove by, Jacob poked and said "mean mean mean" because it was not a train.

We ended up going back to the park. I got so mad because of people dropping off their kids at the park and not watching them. There was a little girl about 4 or 5 with her brothers around age of 8-10. The little girl had to pee and was asking me. All I could do was tell her to tell her brothers. I can't take her to the bathroom. Eventually, they took her... Behind some bushes.

Anyway... The boys talking much more. I think reading green eggs and ham to them really helped. They are starting to really memorize it.

Last Thursday, we took them to see the polar express. They have a train ride here that is set up like polar express and a whole area set up like the north pole. We went there and waited for the train to show. The boys were so do excited to go "choo choo bye bye." It was really neat. People were dressed up. Boys loved waving at the frosty guy.

When the train showed up though, Jasper got a little scared. He covered his eyes. Nothing scares our boys much, which kinda scares me. But the train kinda looked like it was coming at us in the dark.

It was pretty cold but totally worth! Eventually, we gonna take them on the train.

Last night while I put the boys to bed, Joy made the boys a ginger bread house. I helped a little bit decorating with m&ms. The boys absolutely loved it this morning. Jacob saw it on the fridge first. He pointed at it. We got Joy and let them have it. They mostly ate the m&ms. We got video and pictures.

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