Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The boys have been really into basketball lately. We have a hoop in their upstairs play room. Jasper got really good at throwing the ball into the hoop. Jacob has been loving throwing his toys in the hoop from his toy chest. I was downstairs when it first happened and thought they were completely destroying the upstairs. No... Just paying "b-ball." That's what they call it "b-ball."

So one night, Jasper was throwing a foam b-ball up over the windows so it would fall behind the curtains in their room. I thought it would be a good idea to get them one of those cheap door hoops.

Joy and I picked up one up. They love it!! In the picture, Jasper was playing making hoops (really making hoops!!), I was rebounding, and Jacob was wrapped in a blanket cheering.

As soon as Jasper made a hoop or got close he would yell "yes!!!!". After he made a hoop, I gave him two fives, then Jacob gave him a five, and later on when mommy came in the room, she gave fives.

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