Saturday, February 23, 2013

The lies it takes to obtain fish

Last weekend, Joy was cleaning out the cellar under the steps and found our fish tank. So we got gold fish for the boys.

It was crazy getting the fish. We stopped at one pet store and we asked bottom feeders. The salesperson asked Joy questions about our tank. Since the tank was set up right before we left for the per store, they wouldn't sell us any fish. The sales person said it needs to be set up for 24 hours before we add fish.

We went to another pet store. I asked a question about the bottom feeders. The sales person started asking me a bunch of questions and I messed up and said that we set up the tank that morning. So the salesperson wouldn't sell me any fish. Instead, she handed me a bunch of pamphlets.

So naturally, we hit up another pet store. This time I had a better plan. No questions! I walked in, got a salesperson to get me three gold fish and I left.

The boys love the goldfish. They spent most of the night watching them.

Update: one fish dead.

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