Monday, February 11, 2013


Sunday was first nice-ish day we had in awhile. So we took the boys to the zoo. We psyched them up to see bears the day before.

I woke up to someone, I think Jasper peeking out the door and him telling Jacob "huh!! Daddy!!! See!!!" And pointing so Jacob knew I was home today. So sweet!!!

When I got up, they remembered about the zoo both told me to take a shower. They got dressed and ready to go in a hurry. They were so excited to see bears!!!!

They behaved so good when we got to the zoo. We took a long walk to the bears. I ended up holding Jacob and Joy had Jasper.

Most of the bears were awake! Jacob was so excited!!! Jasper seemed a little scared at first.

One bear was on the edge sticking his tongue out and playing in the snow.

We took the bus to see the monkeys and aquatics. I sat next to Jasper. He had his own seat and so excited about it. However, we had a stop where tons of people came on the bus. I had Jasper sit on my lap, which he was not too happy about.

The boys loved the aquatics. "Oh wow!" "Cool!" There weren't many people there, so we let them roam a bit. I stayed with Jasper, who spent most of the time at one tank. Jacob dragged Joy all around. They both loved the sharks!!!

When we left there, the boys were more into running around than looking at anything else.

They weren't too happy with us not taking bus back... But all-in-all it was a fun trip!!

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