Thursday, March 11, 2010


There are a few things that make you feel your baby (or in our case babies) is real before they're born. Of course the big one is the ultrasound. Luckily enough, since we're having twins, we'll be seeing our babies for the third time at the end of the month! But another way is to feel the baby kick. And that's what I felt last week.

We were sitting on the couch and Joy said she felt them moving. I put my hand on her stomach and felt them moving around. It kind of felt like they were tickling the palm of my hand. I responded by rubbing her belly. Now that's one thing. The other thing is to actually see them move. We watched as they moved around her belly. I responded by rubbing her stomach again.

Now whenever she says they're moving, my response is to watch and feel. It makes me really happy to know they're in there moving around. I can't wait to actually hold them in my arms.

I'm curious to see how much they'll kick and how much we'll get to see them move as they get bigger. On the same token, I hope they're not as abusive as apparently I was to my mom. She said I use to kick her in the rib.

On a side note, don't rub too much of the belly. Adding rubbing to an already nauseous mother isn't too pleasing.

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