Thursday, March 25, 2010

Helping Others

With the health care reform passing this week and the amount of people that are against it, I think it's important to teach kids values in helping others. I think there is something wrong with a society who are against helping those who are disadvantaged and don't teach equality.

Joy and I were talking about ways we can teach our kids values in helping others. Early in our relationship, we went to Denny's and they displayed a Christmas giving tree. On that tree, needy children posted a Christmas wish list. Joy picked one child's list and one item was a bike. That night we went to Wal Mart and she bought a bike. We went back and put it under the tree. Joy mentioned last night that she wants our kids to pick something from from the giving tree to give a needy child a present. I couldn't agree more. Even if it's a trip to the dollar store to get a present.

I was listening to a parenting podcast yesterday at work and one guy on the show mentioned that he makes his kids give up a few old toys to charity after Christmas. I also think that's a good idea.

I also want to teach our kids equality. I read an article about a group that's against health care reform that a protest that turned
racist and homophobic. I want teach our kids that racism, homophobia, and sexism is not a value that we support. Luckily, we live in a very diverse area. So I think values in equality will come mostly naturally. But a good talk with boys when the time is ready would a good thing.

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