Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nesting for the outdoors

Spring has arrived! Or at least approaching in a couple of days. Which is time to get the outdoors ready for the boys and for summer.

When we bought our house, the backyard was covered in snow. We didn't realize until right before we moved in, we had a small person-made pond. Last summer, we tried to maintain it. We cleaned it out and bought fish. But as fall approached, we thought about kids and our inability (or desire) to maintain the pond. So we tore it out and filled it with leaves and sticks. With the thought of "in spring we'll fill it with dirt." Saturday is the first day of spring and the day we'll have 3 cubic yards of dirt delivered.

Joy and her mom removed the walkway to the pond and made a garden out of the rocks. They moved the plants that were by the pond.

In the summer time, we'll definitely want to spend time outside. So we're working on our patio. We have an enclosed patio, thanks to screens, however our dog didn't see them one day and walked right through one... And then another.... So Joy took down all the screens. We bought new screens (heavier screens) and new wood boards. We got paint and I'm gonna have my dad help with the electricity.

To give ourselves extra privacy, Joy had the idea of moving a couple of the trees from front yard by the patio. So far, we got one of them moved and working on the other one.

Anyway the patio will be great place to chill while the boys are sleeping too. Their bedroom window is right inside the patio. That will make it extremely easy to see and hear them.

We were very fortunate to get a house on a half acre of land in the city. Now that we've gotten rid of the pond and the walkway. The boys will have plenty of room to run around, have water balloon fights, and be kids. Even though, I'm not much of a sports fan, I'm looking forward to putting in a basketball hoop for them but that will be much later.

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