Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthing classes complete!

Birthing classes are now complete and we are one step closer to the birth of the boys. I'm still amazed at how fast time has past and thinking about how much life is going to change.

In the last birthing class, we learned about breastfeeding and then SIDS. During the breast feeding part, it would have been funny or nice when she was showing various positions to show what's like with two babies.

SIDS are interesting. They don't know what causes it. But I did learn something in class and that is; you can't have anything in the crib with the baby and they must sleep on their back. Joy was talking to me later in the night that it's weird they have all things to avoid SIDS even though they don't know really what it is or what causes it but they can't tell you if you should or shouldn't circumcise.

We also got to work with baby dolls during class. I thought it was really funny that the other couple having twins took two dolls per person. Joy and I both took one. Although, when Joy was holding the doll I tried to give her mine. Just to see what it's like with her with two babies. It didn't happen though. Probably because we were in the middle of class and my nonverbal skills aren't the best.

I did pretty darn good at changing the diaper. Joy and I both had boy dolls, so we got practice with the whole covering aspect. I'm sure it'll be more difficult to work with a moving baby and I'm pretty sure more messy and smelly. Although, the teacher said the smell isn't as bad when the baby is being breastfed. Whoop!

We then proceeded to take doll's clothes off. I didn't have a problem with that but after we were all done, I couldn't get the shirt back on. I understand that babies aren't as stiff as dolls but I was slightly worried about it. The teacher said that you don't want to get the fingers stuck and then broke in the sleeve. So I was worried about breaking the babies fingers. Thankfully, Joy reassured me that it won't be as difficult with a real baby.

After the class portion, we had a tour of the hospital. It's a really nice hospital. It was really cool going by the nursery. Our teacher rolled up a baby. The baby looked really cute! It made me think about how much I can't wait for the boys to be here, see what they look like, and be able to hold them.

I'm really not sure what options are with c-sections but given the opportunity, I think I decided I want to cut the cords.

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  1. Dressing an actual baby is much easier than the doll! Trust me :)