Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting closer

The due date is approaching! The doctor visits now seem to be every two weeks. Joy's tummy is getting bigger faster. The movements seem to be a lot bigger when I feel her tummy. Last week, I felt one of them tickle my hand with what felt like little fingers.

We had a doctor's visit yesterday. The doctor still seems amazed that we didn't have many questions or concerns. I think it's because we get so much information from the Internet and books also from birthing classes. The doctor told us that the babies could be delivered now safely with only 5% chance that something could go wrong. Really cool news! Can't wait until the day we get to hold them.

The night before we had birthing classes. They seemed to drag. Again, a lot of information we had already known and they don't go too in depth. I think it would be more helpful if they didn't have a pre-planned/manufactured power point. I think the teacher said it was made in Colorado. The videos included aren't that great either. They often repeat exactly what the previous slide said with bad animation.

Next week, birthing class should be good. We're getting to play with dolls and I'm guessing learning to put on diapers and learn how to take care of the babies after they're here. Also, we'll get to tour the hospital. It'll be neat seeing where the boys are born.

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