Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Birthing Class

Last week, we attended the first of five birthing classes. The class was pretty good. Most of the lecture, we had already learned from various sources but we did learn a few things we didn't know.

During the yoga-like part of class, I hurt my back trying to relax. I'm not exactly sure how I did it but I think it happened when we had our eyes closed and stretching our necks.

Then I got angry when we were going through the visual meditation. Our instructor was guiding us through a visual (or I should say mental) meditation at the beach. She had the sound of waves playing off her laptop as she was trying to guide us. But I noticed she was out-of-sync with the waves. She'd say the waves are getting bigger but as she'd say that the waves would be going down on the sound. After I noticed this, I couldn't concentrate any longer.

I guess this just says yoga is not for me or I am just way too tense and nervous for it. In that case maybe I need intense yoga therapy.

I do feel a bit rotten that before we did the massage part of class, the instructor said to the women that "I want you to massage your partner how you want to be massaged." I secretly thought "yes!" and tried to guide her to the part I hurt.

Aside from that, I think her massaging me helped me understand better how she likes to be massaged. For some reason though, the part where I messaged her didn't seem as long as when she massaged me.

I did enjoy class! It was neat to see there is another couple expecting twins. At the end of the class, we'll get to take a tour of
the hospital. People watching in class is always fun too. I do think we're right in the middle in terms of ages. There's one 18 y/o and everyone else looks to be in their 30's. Oh and if you want to get in the in-crowd in terms of dads, you should like the Buckeyes and have a good story about them. I do not.

I think the class will get much better as the classes go on. Later on, we should learn more about taking care of the baby and taking care of partner during and after the labor. I hope they go into c-sections quite a bit since it seems likely that she will have one.

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