Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Prepared

It appears we are pretty close to being prepared. The day after we found out we're having a baby, we took down the computer room to make it the baby'a room. My parents had bought the baby a crib before our first ultrasound. After the ultrasound, my parents got us a second crib. We bought a stroller that came with a car seat.

We made many trips to the thirft store to get a dresser, a book shelf, and various other things. We even went to buy kids books before we got pregnant.

Last week, we had our baby shower. We got more prepared by getting high chairs, a single stroller, and a double stroller. We also got tons of cute clothes, oneseys, and stuffed animals.

The baby shower was a lot of fun. We had a lot of yummy food. Played baby bingo, one person who got multiple items made of a row of their items. That was the first present we opened and she ultimately called out "bingo."

Joy made really neat necklaces as baby shower gifts. She made more than their was people there and when she went to get the left overs, most were gone. So they were a hit! It was neat seeing people wear her necklaces, especially the other kids at the party.

We went home and went through all the presents and wrote thank you cards. It was really nice of everyone to contribute. The day after, we headed to babies-r-us, target, and wal-mart to get the rest of the essentials that we hadn't bought or gotten yet.

After all of that, we had our third ultrasound. Jasper was head down and Jacob was head up. The ultrasound tech let us see Jasper with the 3d ultrasound. It was really neat. Jacob's head wasn't facing out, so we couldn't see his. She said "maybe next time."

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