Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Practicing using the crib

Since the boys were born, we've had a hard time getting them to sleep anywhere that's not on our couch or in our arms. We got a basinet that's barely been used. Luckily, we got one that is also a playpen. That will be useful in the future.

Now that the boys are approaching three months old. We decided try out the crib. We have two cribs, one has been used as a changing station. The other has not been used except for a place house stuffed animals.

Turns out for some reason being in the crib for sleep wakes them up. We have had very little success. We let them pass out on the couch and then carry them to crib. During the whole process they remain asleep. We can even get them in the crib but once they open their eyes a tiny bit its over.

Joy had been practicing during the day time. She's gotten them to sleep some. However, one night I had tried for a while trying to get them to sleep but it back fired later on when they got too tired but we're fighting it. That lead to we're trying to hard. The next day Joy let them sleep back on the couch so they don't begin to hate the crib.

We're now taking a more casual approach. If they seem like they're dozing off after I get home, we'll put them in the crib. We give them some time and if it doesn't work, I just have awake boys to take on a walk.

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