Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reusable diapers yay

We are now being more green with the boys. They have officially transitioned to reusable diaper. We are using a type of reusable diapers called Kushies. They are a bit more expensive but we should get our moneys worth by not buying disposable diapers.

At first we had issues with them leaking through the legs but Joy went online and did some research. She found if you pull the front up high the legs will be a better fit. We've had a pretty good success rate since.

It makes me happy that we're not throwing huge garbage bags of diapers away. I'm not sure if you can be totally green as we do have to run the washing machine once a day (maybe two) but at least they are not going in some land fill.

The boys don't seem to notice a difference. One thing that will take some getting used to cleaning poop out of them.

Diapers aside... The boys are doing great.

I think they are starting to get into more a sleeping cycle. Lately they've been getting cranky around 12-1pm till they go down for a nap. They have been sleeping a lot lately.

Today, Jacob tried to grab his feet and put them in his mouth. He had a very concentrated look on his face then he would look up at me and smile.

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