Friday, December 17, 2010

On The Floor

We've been making an extra attempt to let the boys learn how to crawl, and they are getting close. We learned that the one disadvantage we have is our house has all hardwood floors, which we love but not the best for boys learning how to crawl. We would consistently make sure they don't fall and hit their heads on the hardwood floor.

We have several options. We put them in their cribs and put them in a crawl position. This works pretty good because if they fall over they land on a mattress. Also they have been doing a good job and rolling over in their cribs. The other night, Jacob went back to front.

Another option we tried was putting a blanket on the floor. This is a good idea because it gives the boys a lot of extra room to try to crawl and roll around. The bad side is they had a hard time moving because the blanket would crinkle up every time they kicked their feet. So they didn't really have a good leverage.

Finally, what works best is the rug. We have a rug in front of couch. The rug has a coffee table on it but when moved, it is just like carpet. We lined what coffee table was left on the rug with pillows.

The boys really enjoyed their time with all these options. They loved being on the floor with our dog and cat. I think our dog enjoyed the boys company just as much.

We put toys in front of the boys to try to get them to crawl to it. They also really wanted to get to our dog.

I think they will be crawling very soon! They are really determined.

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