Friday, December 10, 2010

Just trying to get around

Wow, what to write about. It seems that the boys are growing so big so fast! Since the last update, Jacob learned to run in his walker. I was sitting near the TV and trying to put Jasper to sleep. I was finding it difficult to put them both to sleep at the same time and Jacob had a lot of energy. So I put Jacob in his walker and worked on Jasper.

I started hearing a thumping noise. I looked to my left and saw Jacob with the biggest smile on his face trying to get over to us but couldn't because of the rug. Instead he was running in place.

So all week, he's been running around the house chasing us, the cat, and trying really hard to get our dog's attention. He gets so happy with himself. It is really the cutest thing. We had to bust out the video camera.

Jasper can move in his walker as he displayed last night while I was in the dining room and he came in the from the living room. However, he is more interested in playing with the buttons and toys in his jeep.

Last night, Jasper was so determined to crawl! I think it will be a matter of days before he does. I put him on the couch and he went right into crawl position. He got up on his legs briefly. I was getting prepared to wake up Joy to a crawling Jasper.

My sister-in-law gave us a bunch of toys and clothes that their kid has out-grown. One of the toys is a table with buttons and sounds. Wow, do the boys love it! I think we can return all their Christmas presents because this has won them over.

Joy put them in the walkers and set them up around the table. They just love it to pieces.

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  1. So fun! Looking forward to this stage with my twins! I know I have said it before, but it is so refreshing to read the joys and trials and tribulations of twin parenthood from a daddy perspective!