Thursday, December 23, 2010

Up all day, Sleep all night

Not trying to beat the topic of sleep to death but this week has been fantastic! Last week Joy worked really hard at keeping the boys awake during. In return Joy got screamed at. However, it really paid off.

Last Sunday, the boys went down for a nap around 3pm. 6pm came and they were still sleeping, so fearing that they would be up all night. I tried to get them up at 6:30. This turned out to be impossible! So we just let them sleep. ....well they slept all night! I think they got up around 3am.

The next night, they went to bed around 6 and didn't get up till 3 to eat. Jacob wanted out of his crib so we went to couch. I put a music documentary on and our cat joined us. Then Jacob went back to sleep. Jacob and Jasper both slept till 6 before waking up for the day.

Last night Jasper went down at 7 and Jacob at 8. Aside from waking up to eat, they both slept till 7am. Needless to say, Joy and I got to sleep! Together! Yay!!

So we're not sure if the boys are really getting on a good schedule or they're sleeping more because they're growing. One day Jasper slept a ton and we both swear he got more hair. His hair looked darker too!

Well, tomorrow is Xmas eve! We are excited to spend our first Xmas with the boys!

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