Monday, December 27, 2010

First Christmas

Christmas went pretty darn good. The boys made out with a lot of new toys and they are eager to play! The boys did a great job at opening their presents. At the time they were more interested in tearing off the paper and eating it. This made it somewhat stressful on Joy and I at my family's gift exchange. It seemed there was a lot going on and hard to pay attention to everything, most importantly our boys not eating wrapping paper. But it was a major success.

The boys got to meet their 4 y/o cousin from out of state. He had been eager to meet them. He treated the boys with much respect and wanted to share his toys with them. At one point, Jacob was unhappy and so my dad took him into the other room to help him calm him down. Their cousin helped by rubbing his back. Later on he played on the floor with Jasper with his truck that he got. It was really cute to watch.

On Christmas morning, we moved the coffee table aside so we can set the boys on the rub to open their toys. Again, they really enjoyed opening the presents and trying to eat the paper. Joy and I took a bunch of pictures and video. After awhile the boys got a bit cranky so we quickly finished opening presents and then put the boys down for a nap.

Later on we had lunch and presents to open at Joy's mom house with her mom and brother. Joy's mom made apple sauce for the boys to eat. At first first they were none-too-happy because the apples were granny smith apples. However after a few more tries Jacob really enjoyed them as did Jasper. We opened presents and they got a whole bunch more toys and clothes.

After we got home around 6, we had enough of Christmas. Joy was ready to take the tree down. She started as I unpacked all the new presents we got from Joy's mom house. After words I helped and not long after all the Christmas decorations and tree were down. After that we rearranged the living room so that our rug was out from the coffee table. This is so we can let the boys play on the ground.

We noticed during the last few days that boys are really good at sitting up by themselves and they are still very determined to crawl especially since how there are toys they NEED to get to.

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