Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthing classes complete!

Birthing classes are now complete and we are one step closer to the birth of the boys. I'm still amazed at how fast time has past and thinking about how much life is going to change.

In the last birthing class, we learned about breastfeeding and then SIDS. During the breast feeding part, it would have been funny or nice when she was showing various positions to show what's like with two babies.

SIDS are interesting. They don't know what causes it. But I did learn something in class and that is; you can't have anything in the crib with the baby and they must sleep on their back. Joy was talking to me later in the night that it's weird they have all things to avoid SIDS even though they don't know really what it is or what causes it but they can't tell you if you should or shouldn't circumcise.

We also got to work with baby dolls during class. I thought it was really funny that the other couple having twins took two dolls per person. Joy and I both took one. Although, when Joy was holding the doll I tried to give her mine. Just to see what it's like with her with two babies. It didn't happen though. Probably because we were in the middle of class and my nonverbal skills aren't the best.

I did pretty darn good at changing the diaper. Joy and I both had boy dolls, so we got practice with the whole covering aspect. I'm sure it'll be more difficult to work with a moving baby and I'm pretty sure more messy and smelly. Although, the teacher said the smell isn't as bad when the baby is being breastfed. Whoop!

We then proceeded to take doll's clothes off. I didn't have a problem with that but after we were all done, I couldn't get the shirt back on. I understand that babies aren't as stiff as dolls but I was slightly worried about it. The teacher said that you don't want to get the fingers stuck and then broke in the sleeve. So I was worried about breaking the babies fingers. Thankfully, Joy reassured me that it won't be as difficult with a real baby.

After the class portion, we had a tour of the hospital. It's a really nice hospital. It was really cool going by the nursery. Our teacher rolled up a baby. The baby looked really cute! It made me think about how much I can't wait for the boys to be here, see what they look like, and be able to hold them.

I'm really not sure what options are with c-sections but given the opportunity, I think I decided I want to cut the cords.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting closer

The due date is approaching! The doctor visits now seem to be every two weeks. Joy's tummy is getting bigger faster. The movements seem to be a lot bigger when I feel her tummy. Last week, I felt one of them tickle my hand with what felt like little fingers.

We had a doctor's visit yesterday. The doctor still seems amazed that we didn't have many questions or concerns. I think it's because we get so much information from the Internet and books also from birthing classes. The doctor told us that the babies could be delivered now safely with only 5% chance that something could go wrong. Really cool news! Can't wait until the day we get to hold them.

The night before we had birthing classes. They seemed to drag. Again, a lot of information we had already known and they don't go too in depth. I think it would be more helpful if they didn't have a pre-planned/manufactured power point. I think the teacher said it was made in Colorado. The videos included aren't that great either. They often repeat exactly what the previous slide said with bad animation.

Next week, birthing class should be good. We're getting to play with dolls and I'm guessing learning to put on diapers and learn how to take care of the babies after they're here. Also, we'll get to tour the hospital. It'll be neat seeing where the boys are born.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Due date approaching!

The due date is rapidly approaching! Last week, we had a doctor's visit. She said that she is hoping no earlier than May 15 and if we haven't had them by June 6, she will schedule the c-section.

We are still busy getting prepared. Joy had ordered a whole bunch of reusable diapers. They've all been washed and hung on the newly put-in clothes lines in the basement.

It's kind of funny because I have a little recording studio in the basement and I contemplated awhile back when we moved in about putting a wall in, blocking off the studio from the washer and dryer. Now I have a makeshift wall made of reusable diapers.

One task we want to accomplish is to figure out what we're going to bring the boys home in. I think we're gonna go through our closest and if we can't find the perfect outfits, we'll head off to the store.

Joy and I talked about food I should bring for myself. In baby classes, the teacher was talking about how men who don't eat because they feel guilty and if they don't eat things can happen like passing out. I think I would feel guilty. I was thinking I could stuff junk food in my pockets and step out of the room and eat or in the bathroom. Joy didn't like that idea. So, she came up with a bunch of foods that I could eat that she doesn't like that I could eat without her wanting some such as sneakers or anything with nuts or oreos (not chocolate chip cookies). There's also pizza, Joy's mom who works at another hospital said the pizza's not bad. I also suggested I could have my parents or her mom pick me up some Taco Bell on their way to the hospital.

I want to make our own list of things to bring to hospital. In most all pregnancy books they provide a list. I'm hoping that everything goes good at the hospital and we won't have to be there too long but it's good to prepared.

The teacher at the baby classes said they still don't allow cell phones in the hospital. I'm not sure if it really affects equipment like they say it does. I'm just wondering if that's old policy that never got updated. But the teacher said they do have wi-fi. So I bet we could either bring a laptop or connect our iPhones to the wi-fi.

Oh and finally, one thing we have to do is get the car seats installed for the boys. A couple weeks back, Joy and I did a hardcore car clean out session with the car we're going have the boys in. I think we'll either go to the Triple A or the fire dept to have the seats installed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Prepared

It appears we are pretty close to being prepared. The day after we found out we're having a baby, we took down the computer room to make it the baby'a room. My parents had bought the baby a crib before our first ultrasound. After the ultrasound, my parents got us a second crib. We bought a stroller that came with a car seat.

We made many trips to the thirft store to get a dresser, a book shelf, and various other things. We even went to buy kids books before we got pregnant.

Last week, we had our baby shower. We got more prepared by getting high chairs, a single stroller, and a double stroller. We also got tons of cute clothes, oneseys, and stuffed animals.

The baby shower was a lot of fun. We had a lot of yummy food. Played baby bingo, one person who got multiple items made of a row of their items. That was the first present we opened and she ultimately called out "bingo."

Joy made really neat necklaces as baby shower gifts. She made more than their was people there and when she went to get the left overs, most were gone. So they were a hit! It was neat seeing people wear her necklaces, especially the other kids at the party.

We went home and went through all the presents and wrote thank you cards. It was really nice of everyone to contribute. The day after, we headed to babies-r-us, target, and wal-mart to get the rest of the essentials that we hadn't bought or gotten yet.

After all of that, we had our third ultrasound. Jasper was head down and Jacob was head up. The ultrasound tech let us see Jasper with the 3d ultrasound. It was really neat. Jacob's head wasn't facing out, so we couldn't see his. She said "maybe next time."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Birthing Class

Last week, we attended the first of five birthing classes. The class was pretty good. Most of the lecture, we had already learned from various sources but we did learn a few things we didn't know.

During the yoga-like part of class, I hurt my back trying to relax. I'm not exactly sure how I did it but I think it happened when we had our eyes closed and stretching our necks.

Then I got angry when we were going through the visual meditation. Our instructor was guiding us through a visual (or I should say mental) meditation at the beach. She had the sound of waves playing off her laptop as she was trying to guide us. But I noticed she was out-of-sync with the waves. She'd say the waves are getting bigger but as she'd say that the waves would be going down on the sound. After I noticed this, I couldn't concentrate any longer.

I guess this just says yoga is not for me or I am just way too tense and nervous for it. In that case maybe I need intense yoga therapy.

I do feel a bit rotten that before we did the massage part of class, the instructor said to the women that "I want you to massage your partner how you want to be massaged." I secretly thought "yes!" and tried to guide her to the part I hurt.

Aside from that, I think her massaging me helped me understand better how she likes to be massaged. For some reason though, the part where I messaged her didn't seem as long as when she massaged me.

I did enjoy class! It was neat to see there is another couple expecting twins. At the end of the class, we'll get to take a tour of
the hospital. People watching in class is always fun too. I do think we're right in the middle in terms of ages. There's one 18 y/o and everyone else looks to be in their 30's. Oh and if you want to get in the in-crowd in terms of dads, you should like the Buckeyes and have a good story about them. I do not.

I think the class will get much better as the classes go on. Later on, we should learn more about taking care of the baby and taking care of partner during and after the labor. I hope they go into c-sections quite a bit since it seems likely that she will have one.