Friday, March 4, 2011

barricade everything!

The boys are continuing their pursuit to the television. It is really hard to keep them away. Joy made a barricade but that was no match. The boys are quick to figure out how to get through.

We have a fireplace and recently they learned how to open the glass doors. Joy put packing tape on the door this week and that did the trick.

The china cabinet, which is another favorite of theirs is been blocked with a playpen and a chair.

The safest place in the house is the hall way to the bedrooms and bathroom. We have been rolling a ball down the hall and Joy put up some toys.

Sleeping has been way better. Although, each night it seem to be getting later. They have been going to bed between 8 and 9 last week. Then 11 this week. Last night they went to bed around 1am during a car ride.

We have had a couple dinners as a family now. This is really great. Last week, we had spaghetti. Joy put the spaghetti in the food processor. Last night we had veggies and rice.

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