Friday, May 13, 2011

The Beginning of a Busy Month!

May is a big busy month for us. The weather is finally nice and we are spending a lot of time outside. The boys are getting sun. They're going to bed tired and sleeping through the night.

We started the first weekend of May by going to Cleveland zoo with my parents. The morning greeted us with a thunderstorm and almost seemed unlikely that we were gonna go. However, by the time we got to the zoo the sun was shining! We didn't think to bring sunblock, so Joy stopped at the gift shop and picked some up for the boys and us.

The zoo was packed because it was the opening weekend for the new elephant exhibit. We got to see the elephants but we did not go into the gates.

The boys enjoyed being pushed around in their wagon. They more into people watching and eating animal crackers.

When we got the giraffes, there was one really close to the gate being feed grass by other people at the zoo. We got the boys out of the wagons so they could see up close and personal.

At that point, my parents held the boys instead of putting them into the wagon. The boys enjoyed being held. My dad was goofing with Jacob and making him laugh. My mom held Jasper who was really into her necklace.

Later on they switched but soon it was time for lunch. So we ate on a picnic table outside of the Ben and Jerry's. They ate really good and then Joy got us ice cream. We shared our cones.

After lunch, the boys fell asleep while being held. My parents held them till they couldn't anymore and handed them to us for rest of the zoo.

It was a lot of fun!! I can't wait to go back.

Sunday was mother's day! Joy was got to sleep in. I was gonna take both boys to grocery store to get donuts before she woke up but Jacob slept past Joy getting up. So Jasper and I went and got donuts.

We then all went to the green house to get flowers for our garden. When we got back, Joy busted out the bubble maker and we played in the back yard. The boys love being outside and in the grass.

Joy then planted the new flowers and I watched/played with the boys in the yard.

Nap time wasn't really happening so Joy suggested a bike ride with our new trailer for the boys. Jasper fell asleep on way to the park.

Jacob loved being in the bike trailer. He was laughing up a storm as they were rocking while going up hills. Jasper enjoyed watching. The trailer only fits on Joy's bike so she got to take them first. I rode them back to the car. I rode really slow and they both fell asleep.

It's so great it's nice and warm now. During the week after work, we were able to go the park, play in the bike yard, and even go on another bike ride.

Yesterday, it stormed all day so it was first day the boys got a break from being outside.

This weekend we're having the boys first birthday party!!! Can't believe they are a week away from bring one year olds!!!!!!!

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