Friday, May 6, 2011

losing shyness and kido watching

Last Saturday, we attended a birthday party for my nephew Jimmy. The last time we had a big family get together was during Christmas and it took awhile for the boys to warm up to everyone. Even last time they saw my parents, it took awhile for Jacob to warm up to them.

We entered and the boys were a little attached to us at first. Jasper noticed my people sitting on the floor and he crawled off to sit with them. He sat with his legs spread and looked around like he was being a part of the group. It was really neat to watch him mingle.

After Jacob noticed Jasper was on his own, he just started walking around the room. He spent the majority of the time walking and discovering.

At one point my sister was taking pictures of him and she would call him to look at the camera and he would open his mouth. He was acting for the camera.

The boys enjoyed being with Jimmy, who turned 9. They wanted to play with his soccer ball and baseballs that he got.

We shared cake and ice cream with them. They both loved it. You know their our boys for their love of ice cream. They had cookies and cream for the first time.

In a couple weeks now, the boys will be celebrating a birthday of their own! I can't believe they are turning one!!!!

It is really crazy how fast time flys by. You really need to enjoy every minute because it will be over.

Both boys are walking so good now. They only seem to crawl now when they want to get somewhere fast.

Last night, we went to the park. We put shoes on them for the first time.

There were a lot of soccer games and a softball game going on at the park. The park was more busy than usual. So there were a lot of kids on the playground.

We put the boys in the swings but they were more interested in watching the kids at the park. Joy thought that would give them to courage to walking but they mostly stood still and watched.

Jasper had his first "I don't want to leave" freak out. He cried when we put him back into the wagon and he took awhile for him to be ok.

When we got back we let them play in the back yard. Jasper went back to crawling and Jacob stood still for awhile until they both chased the cat.

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