Monday, May 23, 2011

Parked and Babysat

Saturday, we headed to the cuyahoga valley national park to enjoy the nice the day outside. We headed over to a covered bridge where we saw a bunch of horses. There were two giant horses in the river underneath the bridge. The boys got to see them and other horses walk by them.

We then headed over the beaver marsh. We enjoyed a nice walk and looked into the marsh for beavers, frogs, and other animals. We stayed for awhile looking. The boys loved people watching especially when a little girl came up next to their wagon. We didn't see much but we saw a huge goose and some fish. And let's not talk about the chipmunks.

Sunday, my parents babysat the boys for the first time! We drove the boys over to their house. We were both really worried but the boys did great! My mom said Jacob was a little sad when we left but perked right up after they took them for a walk. She said they were both talking in their wagon.

Joy and I headed to the half price book store. I was looking for records and Joy was looking for some books. The records were a little pricey but Joy found me a Clive Barker book.

We then ordered take out at red robin and were looking for a park to eat. We didn't find one but went on a nice road trip back to my parents' house.

The boys seemed to have a good time. They were discovering things all around their house. We stayed there for a while. Jasper was still discovering new things in the house. Jacob was ready to held.

They fell asleep on the ride home.

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