Monday, June 6, 2011

Darn those molars!

Darn those molars. It appears the boys have molars sticking out. This has made the boys very comfortable during the last few days. They have had trouble eating. Jacob has had trouble sleeping. They both want to be held constantly. Poor little dudes.

Sleeping has still been pretty solid except Jacob waking up upset. With the exception of last night, the boys have been going to sleep on their own with a bottle at night.

Last night, Jacob had finished his bottle and got up in his crib pretty upset. Even trying to give him tylenol was a struggle.

At this point Jasper was awake and also bit upset, mostly because he wanted out of his crib.

After everything was taken care of. Joy and I switched off with reading from a Disney book. I rubbed Jasper's back because he became upset about being put to sleep.

After Joy read a couple stories, I took over and started reading more. After I read the Hunchback of Notre Dame I looked up and Jasper, Jacob, Joy, and our dog were all sleeping. I tapped Joy on the shoulder and we headed to bed.

Jacob had then woken up again around 4am quite upset again. After we couldn't get him to settle down, Joy picked him up and brought him to the couch.

I then took him and he fell asleep on me and I was able to take him back to his crib around 5am.

Jasper slept through it all like a champ. He moved around slightly at first but ever fully got up.

They both got up again around 8:30 and took a two hour nap at 11am.

We kept a pretty chill weekend. We had to cancel on going to my niece Sarah's graduation party. Even Joy wasn't feeling good. I got our cars an oil change and Joy fixed the window on our car.

- ps the pictures in this post and last were taken at the Nature Realm on memorial day.

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