Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sunday we met my parents at the Ira trailhead in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It had been a month since they've seen the boys and they were itchin' to see them.

The boys were really good in the wagon as we walked to the farmer's market. My parents got us iced tea and lemon aid.

We shared with the boys who did their new found joy of spitting out anything they suck up from a straw. They did drink some though. Jasper seemed to like my lemonade.

Monday night we went to the concert in the park. The boys had a much better reaction this time. We got them both to clap their hands and dance (shake and wave arms) a bit in their wagon.

The band was Calypso Gypsies. They played island music and had a steel drummer. The band was much better than the last one we saw. The boys liked them a lot better.

Jasper was intent on watching while Jacob was watching the little girl seated behind us.

Yesterday, we headed back to the park to let them play and run around in the field. First we headed to the playground where we swung them on the swings and held them as they went down the slide.

The big difference this time was that the boys can now walk. We set them free and let them roam around the playground (with one of us intently staying with them.) They followed other kids around and beat on the slide like a drum.

We then headed over to the field and once we got them to stop walking back to the playground they loved walking up and down the hills.

Eventually Jacob found a tree that he was really fascinated with. Jasper joined him and a bit of "I'm gonna get'chew" game.

We came home and put Tangled on, a new favorite movie of theirs. And eventually went to bed and stayed asleep all night!

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