Friday, July 29, 2011

We climb and we don't nap plus music and baby time

Sunday, we went to see the Akron orchestra perform at the park by our house. This is the second time the boys saw an orchestra this summer and got to enjoy it from the comforts of their wagon.

The boys did really good. They played with some toys we brought: keys and paper footballs Joy made out of the programs. They really enjoyed clapping and watching the other people. The music was really good too. It sounded great in the park.

During the week, the boys learned to climb on the coffee table. It had been a battle trying to get them off and to safety. They get so pleased with themselves when they get on top.

This week, the boys had a tough time napping. They love playing in the cribs and they now occupy themselves being in there and with each other.

Wednesday, we had our last baby time at the library. This time a little Indian girl was there. She was 17 months old. The boys loved playing with her. It is nice living in a diverse community. I think the boys will benefit.

Next week, I'm taking a week off from work. We plan on going to the fair, the zoo, and the Twinsburg festival. Can't wait!

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