Saturday, September 17, 2011

Neighborhood walk

Tuesday, we took the boys on a walk or more like stroll for them around the neighborhood. We started by going to what might be there elementary school, case. We stopped there so Joy and I could vote in the primaries for our mayor.

The school really reminds me of what my Elementary looked it. Kinda grungy. Joy said it was also similar to her school. It seems good though. I hope we can get them in new elementary on w market, we are gonna at least try.

After we voted, we all sported voting stickers and walked over to the library. We picked out a bunch of board books for the boys. The boys played a little bit with the toys there from the stroller.

The boys really like Suzy Goose book we got. I think Joy picked it out. It's very interactive. It follows a goose who wants to be like someone else. Like a penguin that "slides," a bat that "flaps his wings," etc. The boys have fun running around the house and jumping as we read along.

Jacob is doing a great job at finding his body parts. Yesterday, out of nowhere I asked him where his toes are and he showed me. We were amazed.

I thought them both to shake my hand. They are also pros at high fives and giving skin. Yes, we're bringing back "giving skin." hehe

Jasper has been my little buddy lately. He's been giving me really tight hugs and wants picked up a lot. It seems they both take cycles like this. I love it.

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