Friday, September 2, 2011

15 month check up and week

Last Friday, the boys had their 15-month check up and more shots. This time, the boys remembered the table and we're not happy at all to go near it.

We set them both on the table to change their diapers and they flipped. We thought maybe if we tried to get them used to it they wouldn't freak when the shots came. Didn't help.

When it was time for the shots, two nurses bursted through the doors and wanted to get both done at the same time. Joy held Jacob and I held Jasper. The nurses were in and out in a flash but the boys were pretty upset about the shots.

After we got home, the boys took a good nap.

Sunday, we dropped the boys off at my parents house for them to baby sit. Joy and I went on a bike ride.

The boys had a good time at grandma and grandpa's house. They played on the swings, walked around. I believe Jasper helped grandpa pull weeds from the garden.

When we got back, Jacob was sitting next to my dad on the couch, eating a crunchy, and watching a baseball game. Jasper was playing around, opening up drawers and closing them.

The boys had been pretty sluggish for the rest of the week. We're not sure if it's the shots, teeth, or just not feeling good.

I've been doing pretty good at keeping the nightly ritual down. The boys brush their teeth, I read a story, and then bedtime.

One really cute thing they've been doing is waving when it's bedtime. I'll get bottles and "Jasper and Jacob! Bedtime" and they'll turn to Joy and start waving. It's really cute.

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