Friday, September 30, 2011

Parking and milestones

Last weekend we hit the playgrounds. We went to the two elementary schools that are in our area. We set them free with one us following each. They have gotten so good at climbing. They climbed up the jungle gyms. We took them down the slides. And we swung them by holding them in our laps.

It's so amazing watching them grow. Pretty soon they should be talking with words. Joy sent me a chart with milestones today. It's crazy how advanced they are. Pretty soon they should understand 200 words. That blows my mind.

Right now the boys are at 16 month.. The chart Joy sent starts at 19.

At 19th months they should:

Use a spoon and fork-- already do that

Understand 200 words -- not yet

Know when they pee -- Jasper takes off his diaper and hands it to Joy sometimes when it pees.

At 20 months:

Take off their clothes -- Jacob has been able to take his shirt off got awhile. Jasper just started this.

Yesterday, Joy sent me a picture of Jasper with this shirt off and then short after a picture with Jacob standing on the coffee table with his shirt off.

The next few months, I think the boys will be doing quite a bit of learning. It's gonna be exciting!

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