Friday, October 7, 2011

Sliding down!

This week I took on a new job at work which changed my hours. I now get to come home a little bit earlier. Which is great because we have been able to have dinner and hit the park before dark, which is now at 7pm.

We hit the park on Tuesday and I had Jasper with me at first. I put him on the smaller slide and let him go. He went down the slide by himself with my hands right there just in case. He got the biggest kick out of it. We repeated this for a while and then later I did with Jacob. He loved it. They both laughed as they went down.

I followed Jacob around most of the time at the park. He loves to follow the other kids and talk to them. He enjoyed climbing up the slide and steps to the jungle gym. We also walked across the wavey bridge holding hands.

Jasper seemed to get really shy at park. At least the first time we went. Not sure if it was because his teeth hurt or not feeling good. He mostly stayed close to Joy and not wandering off too much.

Yesterday when we went, Jasper was more active. Jacob continued to have a blast walking around following kids. Two girls were playing and he and Jasper walked up and Jacob started pointing at their toys and talking. It was so cute!!

It really amazing me how much they are growing. They are defiantly more like toddlers now. I really think we are in for a ride.

This weekend it's supposed to be nice outside. I think we're gonna milk it all we can. Tomorrow we might go a bike ride and Sunday we're gonna hit a park with Joy's mom and brother.

-- the picture is from last weekend. I stayed home with the boys while Joy went out with her mom. I brought up a kid-sized guitar. They enjoyed hitting it mostly. We then played with a drum, jumped around, and danced to music till they got tired of hanging with daddy and went to play with farm toy.

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