Friday, October 21, 2011

Teething again!?

It got cold! I got a feeling we will be in for a long winter. We didn't get to take the boys to any parks this week. Instead, we spend most of our time in doors with the boys.

Teething has been taking it's toll on the boys. They have been a little more irritable and quick to cry or fight with each other.

Jasper has had the most trouble trying to go sleep at night. It's probably because I pulled him from his crib and brought him into our bedroom and tried to get him to go sleep. We then tried watching some tv but after that it seemed like sleep wasn't going to happen. I ended up rocking him to sleep in the dining room in the dark, just like the old days. Like a switch, he was on and off, passed out. Didn't even wake him putting him back in his crib.

Jacob has been doing great with sleeping. Except for last night, he was usually out on his second bottle. He's then been getting up early and spending some one-on-one time Joy before Jasper got up.

Joy's mom spend the weekend over. Saturday, Joy and I went out for a date. We went to the ledges to hike. We even got lost. It felt really nice. It was great spending some alone time with Joy and at the ledges. Such an amazing place!

This weekend, we're going to my parents' house for a family get together.

So, I'm not sure what do to about the boys room to keep it warm. Last year, I put plastic on the windows, but I did it on the outside. Eventually it fell off. I think possibly because I didn't clean the frames well, where the tape went. A lot of cold air comes in from closet so I put a towel at the bottle last night. That seemed to help some. We're thinking of getting a space heater to it warmed before bed but turn it off when they do. We don't need no accidental fires!

The boys are still loving their toys! They get so much enjoyment and even play independently with them.

One the toys is a farm. I was playing with Jacob and putting a small stuffed bear in the window and then have him walking out the door. He got such a kick out of it, last night he was doing it himself!

We also have an animal puzzle, where when you match the correct animal it makes that animals' sound. Last night, Jasper matched up the cow all by himself! He was doing it like it was nobody's business but he did like the applause he got.

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