Sunday, December 4, 2011

18th month check up and dudes' weekend

The boys had their 18th month check up on Friday and with the exception of flu shots, they are done with shots until they're 4! Yay! Next time we go in, Jasper will be on the big boy scale for sure. He was 29 pounds and the scale goes up to 30. I'm sure Jacob will to as he is just a little below him.

The poor dudes knew exactly what the examination table was used for and freaked every time they had to get on it. They only needed one shot and it wasn't too bad. It's still hard holding them still while they get pricked. I held Jasper who looked me in the eye with horror. Joy had Jacob who tried to flip over and crawl away.

The nurse we had was really nice. She gave them little books which they loved. She stuck around afterwards to wave goodbye which I think was very helpful. When we got home they took a nap.

Joy had to work with her cookie business all weekend, so it was mostly just me and boys. I worked on words with the boys. Explaining what everything is. I got several books from library that we read and they looked through.

We played a lot of ball, listened to music, ran around, and played with toys. They loved trying to pull the lights off the Christmas tree and almost making it fall. Tonight, i took the lights off the bottom of the tree. So we have a half decorated tree.

It was a great weekend. Really nice to spend some one on two time. Though, I wish Joy could have been with us.

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