Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toddler beds already!?!?'

We have a couple of big boys and crib climber-outers. Last Wednesday they both made a break for it. They escaped while I was refilling bottles and took off for mommy who wad in bed.

The following night, we converted their cribs to toddler beds. We got a gate for their door and new bedspreads. Jacob has Mickey set, which he picked out and Jasper has Cars, which he picked out.

Bedtime has been challenge but not as bad as nap time. I have been staying in the room with them between their beds trying to keep them in their beds. I'm doing that right now while they're drinking their bottles.

The rule is that they have to keep their booties in bed. Jasper has been laying his head on my lap while the rest of his body stays in the crib. Jacob likes to take off as soon as he notices I'm distracted with Jasper. Jacob also lays diagonally by the bars of his bed and slowly moves his legs over the bars till he's off the bed. Super cute but ornery!

I have been able to get them to sleep at night but haven't been lucky with nap. I gave up the last two days and put a movie on till they falls asleep.

Today however is the first day I got them to nap!! Yay!!

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  1. Big boys! They are growing up! Escape artists have to have toddler beds indeed! Good job on finally getting them to nap today =)

  2. Sorry, this is a late reply. Yeah, I still can't believe they are already in toddler beds. We keep a bunch of blankets and two huge stuffed animals on the floor between their beds. Usually by morning, we find them both past out on the floor.