Monday, December 12, 2011


For the first time, the boys are sick! They lasted this long without getting sick which is great. Sadly, sickness has caught up them. Jasper seems to have gotten it first and worse than Jacob.

It stated the other night when Jasper throw up in crib. Since then, he has developed a cough and has been sluggish.

Jacob has developed the cough too and is also sluggish. They both have had a hard time keeping food down, though I think might be coming up when they cough rather than a flu like symptom.

They have spent the last few days watching movies and sleeping on the couch. Joy put the laptop in their room so they can chill and watch movies from their crib.

They haven't slept much in their cribs. Joy has been taking one (usually Jasper) in bed with her and I have been taking the other (usually Jacob) on the couch.

Jacob has been my little dude the whole time. He wants held a lot by me and to be around. Jasper is the same way with Joy and Grandma.

Joy's mom has been staying with us all weekend. Jasper has been loving it. He got all giddy when she walked in the door Saturday morning.

I hope the boys feel better soon!!

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