Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 day weekend!! With the Science Center!!

I took a couple days off last week and with President's Day, I got a five day weekend! Unfortunately Jasper ran a fever the first two days. Aside from looking run down and burning up, he tried to get out and play as much as he could. I tired to sit with him and watch movies but that didn't last too long. I was really expecting Jacob to get sick as well but he did not.

Saturday, grandma (Joy's mom) came over and watched the boys. Joy and I went out to return some things and get our car a new muffler. We then worked in the basement on our garden. This summer with the boys being older, it should be a lot easier to take care of our garden. We're going to get things so they can help water etc.

Sunday, we went to the Great Lakes Science Center with my parents. Jasper was feeling better! A little tired but no fever! I didn't realize the place was so kid-friendly. We free ranged the boys. They had a blast pushing buttons and playing with all the displays.

The highlight was the Fun With Polymer section that was completely geared towards kids. There was a ball pit, which the boys played in. They had a thing where you put a ball into this tube and he shoots the ball up in the air to either land back in the pit or a basket-thing that once filled up with balls would drop back in the pit.

I should the boys how it worked and Jacob took off for it. He picked up on it right away. He would put the ball in and once it would shoot up, he would start clapping. It was so cute! He did this for awhile!

Jasper played with it too but he was really into crawling and laying down in the pit. It was almost like he was trying to swim in it. At one point, he tried to play with a little girl but she was too young to understand (possibly 9 months).

The whole experience was a lot of fun!! The boys napped right away on the ride home.

Yesterday was a catch up day. We did a lot of laundry. I cleaned their room, mopped and vacuumed. Joy and I worked on getting their bed stuff completely washed. The boys had fun helping and jumping on their bed. Later that night, we took them upstairs to play.

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