Monday, February 6, 2012

Dudes' Day!!

Saturday we had a dudes day. Joy went out with her mom to celebrate her mom's birthday. They went out for donuts, the movies to see One For The Money, and shopping.

The boys had a rough night before. We were up a lot. They were both up from about 4:30 to 6 (Jacob) and 7 (Jasper). They both got up around 10:30.

We started the morning with Crisp Rice and a little bit of Kung Fu Panda II. We then tried to do some Zumba with some DVDs my mom got us. The boys were more interested in watching the girls exercise than exercise.

We then went upstairs to their playroom at their request. They tell us they want to go upstairs by knocking on the door. We played upstairs for awhile . I brought up Joy's iPod and we listened to music. I hung the speakers from the light switch. When "I love to laugh" came on from Mary Poppins they stopped what they were doing went looking for the TV.

After that, we went downstairs to do laundry and play in the studio. I'm really liking taking them down there. They love to play and it also gives me a chance to play too. We played the drums, guitar, and organ.

They had leftover pizza, hotdog, and Mac n Cheese for lunch. They ate really good.

I thought about skipping their nap since they slept in so late but after lunch, they both looked beat. Jacob went out right away and Jasper an hour later.

Joy's mom got the boys tennis balls to play with. Ace, our dog loves tennis balls. So we taught the boys to throw the ball for Ace. Ace seems like a new dog now. He seems happy and peppy. The boys, especially Jacob loves throwing the ball for him.

That night, I took the boys to the grocery store to get milk. I found one of those kids carts that looks like car. When I pulled the cart up to Jasper's door he got all giddy and started jumping in his car seat. His giddiness continued throughout the store. The boys got lots of compliments.

Sunday, Joy's mom came over and watched the boys. Joy and I went out for a bike ride. It was fun and cold. We then went to Wal Mart and Lowes to buy gardening supplies. We're getting ready for a massive garden this summer.

Last night, we watched the Super Bowl. We ordered Pizza. The boys took a late nap and didn't get until 6:30-7. They were pleasantly surprised when they were handed a slice of pizza right after waking up.

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