Friday, February 3, 2012

RIP Great Grandma

Last Friday my grandma, the boys great grandma past away. She was 88 years old. The last time we saw her, we visited her in the nursing home. She was so delighted to see the boys. We got her out of her room and went to the community room with caged birds. It totally made her day.

It is sad to see go but I'm glad my last memory of her is a great one. I'm glad she got to meet the boys. She will be missed.

We had a busy few days with the funeral. We brought the boys to the wake and service/burial. They did a great job at cheering everyone up, especially my dad.

My grandma's funeral was only one at the funeral home. We were told we could let the boys roam. Joy and I got plenty of exercise chasing the boys in the room and down the halls.

The director was texting on his cellphone when no one was looking as he waited for people to hold the door for. He kept trying to hide it as the boys kept running to the door. Joy told him that he didn't have to put it away for us.

In between the two visiting hours, my dad took everyone out to dinner. Joy and Jacob got separated from Jasper and I at the table. They were on one end, we were on another. They did really good considering. When Jasper got fussy, I YouTubed Mary Poppins and Jacob went to sit with my dad. They both ate really good. Jasper had pizza and fries and Jacob had Mac n cheese.

The next day, we held them for the service. They really wanted down but it wasn't too bad. My dad held Jacob at the burial. They both had flowers. I think Jacob really helped him through it.

After the burial, we all went out to eat an Italian restaurant. This time we all got to sit to together. It was a four course meal, where they just brought the food to us. It ended up being about a 2 hour meal.

Everyone was saying how great the boys were doing. They did great, especially for how long the meal was. Joy put movies on my phone so near the end they were watching Rango.

The general manager was a bit rude. The boys weren't even causing a scene or being loud. Just kinda playing in the high chair. But she came over and said "it would be best for everyone if you went to the front and got a toy for the them." They had a treasure chest of kids toys. We didn't say anything. We just agreed.

We got them toy cars and Jacob needed a new diaper. So I took the boys and held them while Joy went to the car to get diapers. The general manager asked me why we were standing there waiting.

So rude.

One of the people in the funeral party stopped and said she couldn't believe how well behaved they are, like 5 minutes later.

This was only their 2nd and 3rd time eating in a restaurant.

After the last few days. Joy decided we needed a date. We picked up her mom and she watched the boys. Joy and I went to Canton, where we went to a book store, star bucks, and the movies to see Sherlock Holmes 2. Great night!!

The next day, it was warm enough that we all walked to the park! We let the boys play on the jungle gyms and when we came home they wanted to play in the sandbox.

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