Monday, March 5, 2012

Crummy week plus first haircut!

Last week was a bit crazy! Pretty crummy week all around. On the Monday, after Joy and the boys dropped grandma off at home, a semi-truck merged into the lane Joy and the boys were and rear ended them! Joy beeped and tried to get the semi to stop but instead the semi-truck hid in a pack of other semi-trucks and never stopped. Luckily though, no one was hurt and car doesn't have any visible damage. I'm so grateful they are ok!

The rest of the week, everyone was sick!! Joy and Jasper had been battling it for awhile and now Jacob and I got sick. The boys were having a hard time sleeping. Joy and I were up a lot with them I ended up staying home one day.

On a better note, the boys got their first haircut!! Joy did a really good job at cutting their hair. I'll miss the surfer dude hair they had but their new haircuts are really cute!!

It's Monday now and the boys seem to be doing a lot better. Joy seems to be battling a cold still and I got one too.

The weather has been crazy here. One day it will be snowing, the next rain, followed by 60 degree weather, then snow storm. It's no wonder we are all sick!

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