Monday, January 23, 2012

Cutting tv, more activities

We have cut back the television majorly the last two weeks. When the boys would act up, we found that the television was a quick way to get them to calm down. The problem is that, they started acting up to get the television on.

Instead we're trying to reward them with television for good behavior. However, it has been so much more fun and exciting to play, sing, and dance with them.

Joy got a whole bunch of books from library of fun activities. Nightly, Joy has picked up a book and went through it. We have been doing so much singing and dancing.

The big hit around with the boys is "The Ants Go Marching." We all march down the hallway and then fall down to the ground "to get out of the rain." They love it and laugh.

Some of the other things we do is "hands up," "stand on one foot," and "spin."

I have also been taking the boys to the basement to play drums and the organ. They have a guitar too they like to play.

It is so much fun exposing them to all the singing, dancing, and music. It also so amazing to watch them learn.

They are also starting to repeat words more. Yay!!

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