Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinner with grandma and grandpa

Yesterday, my parents came over to give the boys their Easter presents. Joy made an excellent dinner for us all. She made lasagna and breadsticks as well as apple pie. She got the boys all dressed up in nice clothes with ties.

My parents gave them chocolate bunnies which Jacob loved. After figuring out it was food, he spent the next 20 minutes eating then breaking for dinner and going back to it. It was really cute watching him get all chocolate faced in dress codes.

It took Jasper awhile before figuring out the bunny was food. My dad took the bunny and "fake" ate it, so Jasper took it and "fake" ate it as well. It wasn't until after dinner that Joy broke off a little chunk and put it in his mouth did he realize it was food. Then he loved it!

The boys had a lot of fun playing their grandma and grandpa. They played peek from behind chair. Showed them their room and jumped on the bed. Chased. Swords. Dinosaurs. Very fun night!

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