Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Yesterday we celebrated with the boys first Easter Egg Hunt! Joy had put m&ms in plastic eggs and then scattered them through the backyard. We headed outside shortly after they woke up.

We got tons of video and pictures. I can't wait to see how they all turned out. They loved grabbing the eggs and eating the m&ms and just being in the backyard.

Jasper eventually started with the soccer ball, which he can kick really good! He ended off playing in the sandbox while Jacob kept looking for getting eggs.

After that, the boys and I went upstairs to play while Joy made a fantastic lunch: chicken (fake chicken nuggets for me), potatoes & green beans, and home made Mac & Cheese. Yum!!!

The boys played in the house upstairs. Jacob had a bowl with magnetic alphabet letters in it, which I called his "alphabet soup." He sat and "play ate" them while Jasper mowed the outside and inside the play house.

After lunch and failed nap time, we went to the park. There was barely anyone there so the boys had pretty much free range of the jungle gym.

We came back and watched a movie, then played downstairs. Jacob watered the plants, air, and himself while Jasper threw a ball up the steps and had it come back down towards him. I swept. We had some music time.

The boys went to bed around 8 and then Joy and I had mini-at-home date! Jacob was up for a little bit during the movie we watched. We then cut our date short, due to sleepiness.

Great Easter!

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