Thursday, April 19, 2012

Off the bottle

Of all the bottles we had, only 3 nipples survived by the beginning of the week. Monday during nap time, one more got pitched due to a bite mark That leaves one nipple left!

The boys are almost two and have been getting bottles of milk before nap and bedtime. It helps them calm down and get ready for bed. A lot of times they fall asleep on their bottle or shortly after.

With one nipple left, we decided it was time to get them off their bottle. Jacob did not take the news well. The first night he kept trying to go the kitchen to get a bottle. We gave him a sippy cup of milk but refused. I had to hold him crying till he fell asleep.

Jasper did pretty well without but also refused a sippy cup of milk. At one point he tried to give the sippy cup to Jacob, who was crying.

Joy and I kept battling over if we should go get them nipples. But as it turns out, I don't think there's any easy way for this and it's bad to keep them on their bottle.

This week, Heather and Kit came up from Texas. Yesterday, they went to Grandma's house and apparently Jasper played a zombie video game with Heather's brother. Jacob got fed chicken from various people. Hehe

Last night wasn't bad at putting them to sleep. Jacob took his sippy cup of milk and fell asleep on the floor. Jasper still refused the cup but didn't fight going to sleep.

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